Oase AquaAir 250 Pond Aerators

Oxygen is vital for the health of any pond, and the AquaAir provides aeration of up to 250m². The AquaAir can penetrate up to 4m deep and its injector nozzle allows for even distribution all the way down to the pond floor. Low noise underwater operation and optimal oxygen supply thanks to small bubbles.

Made from high quality, durable stainless steel provides a long service life. Its high turnover rate can bring standing water back to life.

Dimensions: Length 725mm; Width 555mm (Max); Height 310mm.


Cable Length 30m
Guarantee 2 Years
Maximum Flow Rate (H) 30000 l/h
Power Consumption 650W
Rated Voltage 230v
Oase AquaAir 250 pond aerator
Product Code: LMA8020
RRP: £2,346.01
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