Techmar Plug & Play LED Lights

This ‘Plug & Play’ system from Techmar is extremely flexible and comes in a wide range of interchangeable designs that offer excellent value for money - an ideal way to make the most of your budget. This safe, low-voltage (12v) system is designed for simplicity and is both quick and easy to fit, saving you time and money on site. Simply plug the low-voltage SPT1 or SPT3 cable into the transformer, lay it out along the required route (usually around the perimeter of the garden), then connect any combination of lights to the ready-moulded screw connectors spaced along the cable. For extra flexibility you can use a three-way splitter to make a single outlet into three, or extension cables to space fittings further apart. All the lights in the ‘Garden Lights’ range are interchangeable with Luxform by using the ‘Easy Connect’ cable connectors. For a broader range of designs simply select other fittings from the Plug & Play range.