ORTUS LIGHTS & EDGING | Why they hold an EDGE over the competition!


Ortus Lights - Same Quality, Lower Price!

It’s only been two short years since Ortus Professional Garden Products launched the highly successful Ortus Lights and since then they have seen the stylish lighting brand become a huge success in the residential landscape market. After the launch, it didn’t take Garden Designers, Landscape Contractors and Electricians long to recognise the quality and value for money that the Ortus range provides and since then, it’s become a go-to brand for many trade professionals across the UK.

Sold exclusively through Landscapeplus, Ortus Lights offer a range of styles of light fittings, ideal for any garden lighting situation, in finishes including black aluminium, bronze aluminium, stainless steel and the NEW natural copper and solid bronze.

Ortus Adjustable Spike Spots

These low voltage fittings are reliable and are manufactured from quality raw materials. Also available in powder coated black or bronze, there are now fittings within the range to fit in with almost any garden aesthetic.

Ortus GU10 Wall Lights

The Ortus Wall Spots are some of our most versatile fittings as they can be used pretty much anywhere around the garden thanks to their fully adjustable knuckle joint that allows both tilt and rotation. The Ortus Pillar Lights are beautiful fittings, creating a halo of light that shines upwards and downwards. This makes them perfect for use around doors or windows to highlight key architectural elements.

Ortus Path Lights

These outstanding fittings allow for all the versatility of some the high end products on the market at a fraction of the price. With a fully adjustable head and a sturdy meter long pole and available in powder coated black or bronze you should have no issues with finding the perfect spot for these in any contemporary or rustic garden.

Ortus Lawn & Path Edging - What gives them a leading Edge?

Off the back of that success, Ortus Professional Garden Products are now launching Ortus Edging.

Ortus Edging is a fabulous addition to the Ortus Professional Garden Products range. Manufactured in the UK and again, sold exclusively through Landscapeplus, Ortus Edging is tipped to become the market leader in lawn edging for the professional residential garden market because it offers so much more.

The Environmentally Conscious Choice!
Manufactured in the UK from pure 100% recycled aluminium, the Ortus Lawn & Path Edging doesn't get shipped halfway around the planet like many alternative brands, massively reducing potential carbon emissions. Using recycled aluminium reduces its carbon footprint by 97% when compared to non-recycled aluminium alternatives, making this edging one of the most eco-friendly options on the market!

User Friendly & Intuitive Design!
Before bringing this Ortus Lawn & Path Edging into our range, we wanted to make sure that upon receiving the products it would be easy to install and achieve an incredibly professional aesthetic. As such, the edging is flexible and can be bent into the desired shape on site, from long sweeping curves to tight acute angles, using only basic tools and equipment.
The Ortus Lawn & Path Edging is also extruded with one square edge and one curved edge, giving you the choice to use whichever side matches best with the client's needs and expectations.

Classic, Contemporary & Custom Finishes!
We stock the Ortus Lawn Edging in three beautiful finishes. The always popular milled aluminium finish is a timeless classic that shows off the natural beauty of unpainted aluminium. The powder coated matt black finish (RAL9005) is also a great understated option suited for most applications. Finally, we are pleased to be able to offer for the first time a matt anthracite (RAL7016) edging, which is perfect for modern, contemporary designs.
We are also thrilled to be able to offer completely custom coloured edging, allowing you to match the colour of your client’s window frames, pergola or garden furniture.

To discuss custom powder coated options and conditions please contact the sales team on 01666 577577 or fire an email over to sales@landscapeplus.com.