OASE LAKE THERAPY | From Green to Clean


With the spike in hot weather and off the back of the most recent Oase seminar, I thought it would be good to do an overview of the products they offer for lakes and large bodies of water designed to help promote healthy water.

OptiLake - The water parameters often change and become unstable due to the growth of algae and or plants, the fish population, adding water, and dead leaves falling into the pond. Permanently high pH values above 8.5 and strong fluctuations in the pH value mean stress for plants and animals. OptiLake improves the water quality, enabling ecological equilibrium to be achieved. OptiLake provides essential calcium and carbon dioxide to quickly create an ideal environment for all fish, plants, and pond inhabitants. This buffer ensures a stable pH value between 7.5 and 8.3 in the pond, and fluctuations in the pH value are prevented. An optimal carbon dioxide concentration as well as ideal hydrogen carbonate and calcium contents are imperative to the survival of all living organisms in the pond. OptiLake also supports the growth and reproduction of algae-eating micro-organisms (e.g. daphnia and rotatoria), so biological self-purification of the pond begins immediately! Optimal conditions for micro-organisms that break down toxins are created in the pond and the filters. A positive side effect is that OptiLake reduces the corrosion of pumps and pipes.

AlgoLon - Quickly releases active oxygen in the water. Oxidation begins immediately, destroying the cell structure of the thread algae. The dead algae can be skimmed out of the water a few hours after the product is administered. Any remaining thread algae are trapped in the filter. Besides the oxygen, AlgoLon also improves the decomposition of the sludge at the bottom of the pond where ventilation is poor. The activity and effectiveness of the bacteria that decompose sludge are improved because it has access to more oxygen. AlgoLon enhances filter functioning. The slime mold living in symbiosis with the thread algae is also killed by the patented formula. Methods such as mechanical removal of thread algae are counterproductive unless the slime mold is combated. AlgoLon decomposes and leaves no residue. It contains no heavy metals or organic biocides and does not accumulate in organisms. It is a good idea to administer SeDox or SeDox Speed after using AlgoLon. This will bond the freed phosphates, the main cause of algae growth.

Clear Lake - ClearLake is based on the application of specially bred micro-organisms that decompose and mineralize pollutants (uric acid, oil, grease, and cellulose) in the water. The unique combination of micro-organisms used amplifies the biological self-purification process in ponds. The biological decomposition of dead leaves and plants, fish excrement, food residue, and fertilizer is activated and accelerated. This way ClearLake contributes to the sustainable stability of the pond. The use of ClearLake counteracts putrefaction and possible development of toxic gases. ClearLake promotes clear, healthy water as well as healthy growth. ClearLake also helps to break down toxins (nitrite, ammonia, etc.), which improves the overall quality of life for all plant organisms. The result is natural-looking water with the ideal biological equilibrium.

SeDox - Having a nutrient content that is too high – especially the phosphate content – is one of the biggest problems for water as it leads to excessive algae growth. SeDox converts phosphate as the most essential nutrient for algae in water into the insoluble mineral apatite, which is harmless to fish and other living organisms. The benefit of this is that algae can no longer use phosphate as a nutrient. Depending on the amount of phosphate, SeDox is effective for up to six weeks. During this time, it reduces the phosphate content of the water to less than 0.035 mg/l – the critical parameter for excessive algae growth. SeDox also promotes the decomposition of organic sludge.

SeDox Speed - Much like the regular SeDox, the SeDox Speed binds phosphate and converts it permanently into mineral apatite which is harmless to fish and other living organisms in the pond. The SeDox Speed however works at a much faster rate, sometimes taking just a few hours. This faster action does come with an increase in price though, making the SeDox Speed best suited for emergency situations when the health of fish stocks is at high risk.  

SchlixX - Free nutrients, foremost phosphates are the main driver of algae bloom and the accumulation of sludge in lakes. Also the organic part of sludge stores free nutrients. By removing it, there is more water capacity in the lake as well as less danger of green and blue-green-algae bloom. SchlixX releases oxygen in the sludge. This has two effects: Phosphates are insolubly bonded; Micro-organisms naturally occurring in the sludge can use the oxygen to metabolize the organic sludge portion to a mineral called apatite. SchlixX exclusively combats organic sludge. In other words: sediment such as sand that enters the water through inflows is not removed by SchlixX. Before deploying the product we, therefore, recommend analyzing the sludge to first determine the precise composition of the water bed.

It goes without saying but these products are usually used alongside Aeration being added either in the form of a fountain or diffused air under the water. 

For prices and any other information, you may need to send me an email at chris@landscapeplus.com or call me on 01666 577577.